Friday, 28 August 2009

Festival of Quilts

Just going to spend 10 minutes writing about Festival of Quilts, before it is too out of date. Should really be making a star block for Hazel - don't tell her!

Spent two days there last weekend - as ever not enough, and despite all intentions about proper planning, and a reduced number of categories, still spent most of the first day wandering around in a quilt-induced haze! Also spent too much (but not as much as last year) and bought fabric which I didn't need but couldn't resist and thread and books as usual. It was nice to catch up with Kate and Di and meet Mai-Britt again. And thrilling to see that Mai-Britt won the Miniatures category with a contemporary quilt - Little Thin Blue Line (below).

As usual there were loads of really talented makers and wonderful quilts, so I'll just post a few of my favourites:

From Yoshilo Jinzenji's students, made from her original screen printed fabric - these are wonderful - I love the way the traditional patterns appear and disappear depending on how the fabric is cut.

From Brigitte Morgenroth (Wirbelwind), using Heidi Stoll-Weber hand-dyed fabric - isn't the use of colour stunning?
Gillian Travis' Felt flowers, using screen-printed felt, winner of Quilt Creations category
I also loved the simplicity of Ingrid Press' work (above) and the subtly restrained use of colour in Jenny Bowker's Life Line series, discovered in one of the galleries at only the last minute on Saturday (below).
That's all for now, I'll add more later when I've sorted out my photos.

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