Monday, 8 February 2016

A real Indian market

The market in Mysore is a wonderful place - so much produce, intended for local people, not tourists.

Lovely colours and textures

Each stall holder seemed to specialise in certain things - root veg, onions and tomatoes; squash, cabbage and cauliflower; peas in a big pile on the floor

Chilis and spices; mini aubergines 

and red carrots.

These weird things are jack fruit apparently 

Bananas: the green ones are ripe, just a different variety; and the purple flowers can also be eaten fried

Tobacco leaves - chewed on their own or with betel nut.

Metal items - these are water pots, but also tiffin cans and cooking pots, and loads of brass. And loads of stalls selling colourful plastic items and bangles - forgot to photograph those!

Colourful dyes for Holi (the festival of colours) with joss sticks, and little clay oil burners

and the flower garland sellers - marigolds and jasmine flowers are knotted onto a long thread and sold by the cubit. 

All in all a feast for the senses, all behind these ancient dilapidated walls.

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