Friday, 5 February 2016

Village life - making rotis

On our visit to The Stitching Project in Pushkar we were treated to an impromptu roti-making lesson before a shared lunch. Roti (otherwise known as chapatti) are flat unleavened breads eaten everywhere - and guaranteed not to be smothered in melted butter!

This woman was making lunch for 12 in this tiny kitchen. She was so adept at the task she obviously did everyday that her hands are just a blur in many of the pictures.

First take a ball of wheat flour dough and flatten it

Roll out on a marble surface, turning the dough as you go

Once the dough is fairly flat she could make it turn automatically as she rolled.

Next the roti is cooked on a flat iron pan

And then finished directly on the gas flame

Such an efficient process in experienced hands

Perfect! Shared lunch, of vegetable makhani and two smaller portions of food brought in (in tiffin cans) by the co-workers, sitting on carpets the floor in the courtyard with Fiona, Praveen and the men. The ladies ate upstairs, so they could relax and take off their scarves and veils.

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