Friday, 5 February 2016

Village life - market place

In all the cities and villages markets seem to spring up on street corners, along the side of the road - anywhere where people are someone has something to sell.

Everyday essentials at the side of the road in Jaipur

and in Pushkar market (the little clay cups are disposable cups for chai - beats plastic)

or the nomad camps on the edge of Pushkar.

Fruit and veg from small growers - 

usually on a mat on the roadside

or a pop-up stall.

And then the people selling grass to feed to the holy cows for good luck. Despite the fact that this woman is living in a makeshift structure on the side of the road, she still has her mobile phone. Where does she charge it?

Then there are brightly coloured local crafts, with flowers to offer to the gods,

shoes, bangles and brightly coloured items for tourists

And in Pushkar stall upon stall selling 'wavy garments' for the hippies.

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