Wednesday, 10 February 2016


The bus took us to Bandipur Tiger Reserve, where we were stayIng in individual brick built lodges.

After lunch and a shower we set off on a bus safari through the reserve, in search of the 'elusive tiger' (just the one!). Our cycle guide decided not to come with us as he as been many times before and never seen a tiger.

We passed a lake and a small temple in the bush

and saw loads of wildlife - mainly spotted deer (Chita) 


a mongoose

birds various -

this one is a Woolly Necked Stork

and a peacock

But no tiger. We drove up and down the trails in a bone-shaker of an open-sided bus - the animals we did see seemed quite oblivious, despite the noise! We met a couple of other jeeps and the drivers and guides and compared notes, but no one had seen a tiger. Then, as the sun was beginning to set,

 a message came through on the radio. The driver set off at break-neck speed back across the reserve to the other side. And then stopped dead and began to reverse. There in front of us, strolling nonchalantly along the path, was a male tiger

He is apparently about ten years old

Quite a magnificent creature - just checking the boundaries and leaving scent marks, not at all phased by the bus load of tourists looking at him.

On day two we had a 6.30 am start so that we could cycle through the reserve, cross the border into the next state and cycle to the next reserve before the road was closed for roadworks at 8.30.

Unfortunately despite permission having been granted when the tour was planned the new ranger decided that it wasn't safe (danger of meeting elephants at close quarters) and we were turned back, whilst guides and rangers argued.

Eventually, after lots of hanging about, two jeeps were summoned and we were driven through the reserve to the closed road and allowed to cycle along it, traffic free.

Tea stop here, then on to our second nature reserve lodge for the next nights stay.

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