Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Where did this year go?

Only 16 days to Christmas, year one of our first C&G course complete, with some very good work from our students, second course up and running, full of enthusiasm.

Where does the time go? I was going to be organised this year. Well at least I've got my New Year's Resolutions organised in good time: do more sewing (make more pots!); plan in advance!

I like to listen to music (loud) whilst I'm sewing - not like Hazel - she prefers radio plays or spoken books. She's much more prolific than me ... hmm ... maybe I should take a leaf out of her book ...

On the subject of music - went to see Feeder with Mike, Jo (my sis) and Adie (my brother) at Southampton Guildhall in November - they were awesome as usual - nothing beats a bit of loud rock sometimes. Before that I saw Morris Brothers Band in Paignton with Jo & Ben - a local band, classic rock and very good. And Mike and I are going to see James next week ... perfect to round off a good year for music (We've seen Muse, Radiohead, Foos - or was that last year? - even Nickleback which I took Ben to see in September were very entertaining!) And to start the New Year in style, I'm taking Jo to see Joseph (and his amazing technicolour dreamcoat) for her birthday in January - talk about sublime to ridiculous ;-) but should be fun as has lots of good memories of years past.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Where is the sun?

I really need some sun to lift my spirits - I feel much more creative when it's sunny and warm, instead of this dull, grey weather.

The last time we really had glorious sunshine was the end of July - mind you, the timing was perfect, as we spent the weekend camping at WOMAD world music festival in Wiltshire http://womad.org/festivals/charlton-park/review .

As well as the music, which is varied and eclectic, and the food, which is varied and delicious, I am always fascinated by the flags around the site - they are stunning, and different each year it seems. The following pics taken with phone camera, but you get the idea.

Don't seem to have got the hang of aligning images yet, but running out of time, so here are some more . . .

Wonderful at night - especially if the photographer can hold the camera still!
And here's a pic of WOMAD last year when it rained a bit (!)
Now you see why I like the sun - and was very pleased with the timing of one its rare appearances this summer!

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

We learn by doing . . .

Just learning how to do this.

BTW the picture was taken on Christmas Day 2007 on the Isle of Wight, by my favourite man. It hasn't been photoshopped - it really was like that.