Friday, 26 June 2015

The poetry of decay

So here I am by the sea again, this time in Eastbourne, on this great four-day course with Christine Chester at Studio 11. The course, developed by Christine and Jo Lovelock, is all about creating exciting surfaces for stitch and mixed media work, exploring decaying and weathered surfaces and using them as inspiration. We have a limited palette - black, white and brown/rust - but that is the only limitation. The ideas, processes and inspiration are endless, and Christine is an extremely knowledgeable and generous tutor. I haven't had time (for which read 'I haven't remembered - I've been too wrapped up in the doing'!) to take many photos, but here are a few for starters ....

Stacks of cards with their first processes - marks, flat 'colour', beginning to distress the surfaces at the end of day one. It's all about layering ....

And this is the drop sheet - happy accidents always worth saving.

Real live rust and decay on Eastbourne pier ('it's closing in five minutes, you won't have time to walk to the end AND take photos' - this from the guy who was locking up - don't think he could work out why I was photographing the lamp posts!) 

Great sky!

More later - I'll remember to take more photos tomorrow!