Sunday, 8 July 2012

Student Exhibition 2012

Well another year has flown by and it's exhibition time again. This year we have 12 students completing, six from C&G certificate and six from diploma. And we have moved venue to Petersfield Library, which has an excellent exhibition space. Sam and her team at the library have been very supportive, and have even opened the library over the weekend specially to encourage people in. (This reinforces our experience of library staff as Viv and Rachel and the teams at Fleet and Odiham libraries are just the same.)

It took us all day on Thursday to set it up (till 8.30pm!) but it was well worth it. The work looks amazing - a real testimony to the hard work and skill of all the students. We have had lots of visitors of all ages during the first two days (including the ex-president of the Quilters Guild, who is a local) and, judging by the comments in the visitors' book, all have been impressed by the quality and variety of work on display.

Here are a couple of general shots of the exhibition to be going on with - there will be more on the C&G website as soon as I have time to edit them properly.

Isn't it a wonderful space?