Monday, 18 June 2012

Flower Festival

Flowers and quilts go together very well. Village Green Quilters and our C&G classes were invited to display some quilts during the flower festival weekend at All Saints Church in Fleet, which was part of their 150 years celebrations.

The flower display in the church was stunning. The theme was Sensory Delights, and there were some very imaginative interpretations, including a waterfall in willow with white flowers (lilies, hydrangeas, gypsophila) for 'sound'.

There was also a floral carpet, with plaques depicting the seasons running down the central aisle.

The church itself is Victorian, brick-built, but with painted decoration on all the walls and pillars. The ceiling also has painted bosses. Being brick built, the light is a bit orange, and as many of the displays were on windowsills quite hard to get a good photo which does them justice,  but the photos aren't too bad.

You can see more in this web album.
All Saints Flower Festival

The quilts were in the new parish centre (church hall), where they also have a coffee bar serving cakes and lunches (yum) all manned by volunteers.

We hung the display on Friday morning - it took about two and a half hours (lots of willing helpers and good organisation by Hazel), which is good going considering we didn't know the room well. The main problem was fitting in four stunning double bed quilts. The small stands were too small for them, and the large stands didn't fit, being 120" tall, and the room has beams and low-hanging lights etc and a pitched roof. In the end two of them went on our photographic stands (which are really not designed for the weight of quilts) and two were folded on the barre at one end of the room.

We had hundreds of people through (literally), and what was nice was the reaction of non-quilters to the quilts. I don't think people had seen anything quite like it before, and I think we shattered a few pre-conceptions. Men in particular took a lot of interest in the design and construction of the quilts. Everyone took the job of voting for the Visitors' choice very seriously.

There was also a special challenge to tie in with the flower show - to make an A4 sized quiltlet on the theme 'each little flower that opens'. We had 24 entries which is petty good for a short-notice challenge.

All in all a very enjoyable and successful weekend - and we may have gained some new group members and 'beginners' on our classes.

More pictures in this album.

All Saints and VGQ