Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Sketchbook Project

My book for the Sketchbook Project made it to the post office by the skin of its teeth - 4.15pm yesterday - the last date for postmarking. The theme is Along the Line and I decided to narrow this down to the shore/coast line so I could work with an old favourite - after all it was supposed to be enjoyable.

Sketch Book Project

As usual despite all good intentions I left it till the last minute and it was a mad scramble to get it done on time - never underestimate how long it takes to fill a page. Thank goodness for matte medium photo transfers - a relatively quick way of creating a background for text. All papers are not equal - the paper in this book was less equal than some! It's fine for drawing on with pencil and drawing pen, but doesn't like wet media at all. I took it apart and replaced some of the pages with 140gsm cartridge paper and thick tracing paper - with hindsight I should have done them all, and included watercolour paper too, but I was wary of making it too bulky. Inevitably, with mixed pages, I ended up wanting to put wet media on the drawing paper - which went straight through. This is why the pebbles have a green background!

Here are a few close-ups - the rest are in the album above. Had trouble photographing these as the book wouldn't lie flat. Of course, I should have scanned it, but I didn't think of that in my rush to meet the deadline. More haste, less speed . . . 

Ammonites at Lyme Regis - Brusho and pen on tracing paper

Seascape - acrylic applied with credit card on cartridge

Gulls on a telegraph wire at Dungeness

Old groynes at West Wittering - brusho and pen on cartridge and tracing paper

Mackerel - pencil and brusho on drawing paper (the one that bled trough!)

Boat at Clovelly - pencil on cartridge

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