Saturday, 30 April 2016

Rusty plans

In case you've been wondering what I've been doing since the Alice Fox course, the answer is mainly painting walls in Uplyme, in an effort to render them not bubblegum pink!

However, wall decoration of a different sort has appeared in my work room, in an effort to gather my thoughts. This is a mixture of the drawings and some fabric from the course, plus rusted fabric I had already and other likely bits and pieces.

I do find it really helpful to pin things up and then 'visit' them every so often. I can add things and move them around, and having a visual image to mull over whilst I'm doing other things really helps the creative process.

Having said that I have not managed to get organised in time for a couple of juried exhibitions with deadlines earlier than I expected, but I'll be in good time for the Festival of Quilts, where the challenge this year is 'On the Beach' - I really couldn't miss that could I? And of course Diversity's exhibition at Walton on Thames in November.

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